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Uploading tables in CountrySTAT DSD Editor: Creation of the DSD structure Data Editor: Uploading values Retrieving tables in CountrySTAT
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This is the excel file containing the codifications used in CountrySTAT C'est le fichier Excel qui contient les codifications utilisées dans CountrySTAT
Introduction to the new CountrySTAT as well as the new TWG role
CountrySTAT is a platform for sharing knowledge and data, primarily on food security, nutrition and agriculture.  
Work flow Coding System: Central Product Classification Coding System: Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System Coding System: Global Administrative Unit Layers Coding System: CountrySTAT indicators Coding System: Fishery products Coding System: Scientific Fishery products
Introductory considerations on the FENIX system
Work flow Data Management Metadata Editor Essential metadata Copy Metadata from another table
The importance of communication in CountrySTAT
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